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How To: Wire Bangle Bracelets

Posted on March 05 2014


Let learn how to make these B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Wire Bangles!



I have seen wire bangles in places like etsy, and scrolling around looking at jewelry online. However, I had never stopped to make one until recently. I don't know what I was waiting for because the second I started making them they have been a huge hit on my social media pages. It could be the fact that I have been making these bangles with the most beautiful crystals I have seen on the market. The large sparking crystals really set the bracelets off and will stop anyone in their tracks.

Today, I am going to take you through the steps to make my version of a perfect three stone bangle. I have seen these bangle where there is a bunch of wire going around and around the stones/crystals... but I actually think that is a waste of wire and the wire is not the show stopping part of the bracelet so I don't bring it to the forefront. Also, I have not been able to find a demonstration of this bracelet anywhere on the market, so I hope this helps you.

You will need:

crystlas 001 crystlas 002

I have both of my wire bangles stacked on the cup so you can see the size difference. The standard bangle is the one I will be demonstrating today.

Step 1: Create the Shape

crystlas 003

Start wrapping your wire around the cup, using the bangle as a size guide. The bangle is also good because you can really push down on your wire and make all of the strands match up. When you have reached the point of the picture there should be 4 strands going around the cup and then two strands out from under my hand. The wire strand on the left is measured at about 3 1/2 inches, and the longer strand is about a whole foot. It should look like you could get another wrap, and then some.

It is safe to remove the bracelet from the glass as long as you hold on to reach of your coils so they don't unravel. The strand that is 3 1/2 inches will be where we add our first crystal.

crystlas 050

Step 2: Add the Crystals

Follow these boxes to add your first crystal on to the bangle

BOX 1. Right where you thumb meets the bangle take the 3 1/2 inch wire and bend it back to a flush 90 degree angle.

BOX 2. Wrap the wire around the bangle until you have reached three prefect wraps. You want to be strong with your wraps and make sure they are nice and tight with no gaps.

BOX 3. Add your crystal on to the wire tail. NOTE* The crystals that are being used in the picture are very large, you wnat to keep the size of your bead into consideration.

Turn the crystal about 1/4 of an inch from the base of the bangle bracelet. This way the crystal will rest nicely on the bangle. Then bend the wire coming out from the other side of the crystal straight down. crystlas 050

BOX 4. Wrap the tail around the bangle until you have reached three tight, aligned wraps. NOTE* Really be strong with the wire. I always say, you are the boss of the wire... if you take a class in store.

BOX 5. Snip the access tail

Now we are ready to add the rest of the Crystals to the bangle bracelet. The other 12' (or so) of the wire is what we will be working with now. We will slowly follow the steps in the next box below.

crystlas 051

BOX 1. We need to visualize the way the three crystals will look on the bangle. Sometimes Mine can look a little off... What I like to do is lay them out and eye it.

BOX 2. Once I have visualized my three crystals and I have a pretty good idea of where I need to start my next wrap, I take my needle nose pliers and make a sharp 90 degree angle with the tail wire.

BOX 3. Wrap tight and secure with the tail. I like to keep it uniform so I wrap around three times. Add your crystal on to the tail, Turn the Crystal 1/4 of an inch from the base, then bend the remaining tail straight down.

BOX 4. Wrap three strong aligned coils around the base of the bangle.

BOX 5. we need to redirect the tail of the wire so it will be headed in the same direction as the rest of the bangle. I use my needle nose pliers to create a sharp 90 degree angle. You can see in the photo that all of my wires are headed in the same direction and I am ready to place my third crystal.

Step 3: Finishing Up

crystlas 052

BOX 1. Follow steps 1-5 in the above box to add the crystal on to the bangle. This time we will snip our access tail of of the bangle.

BOX 2. Notice in all of my finished bangles I have spread out the wire underneath the crystal to create a shelf for the crystal to rest on. I do this by using my thumb nail, and I spread them out one at a time. Sometimes if any of my wires have become loose during the construction I am sure to spread that one out first so it matches the rest of the bangle.

BOX 3. Take your flat nose plies and press along any coils that may not look as tight as you would like them too.

BOX 4. Be sure you tuck the snips down by applying pressure over the top with your round nose pliers. Even the shortest tail can catch on your sweaters.

New Bangles 183

Step 4: Make a bunch!

These bangles are so much fun to wear! I am sure that all of your friends and family will love them too! Be sure you check out our selection of beautiful crystals because I really thing that is what makes these bracelets really POP!

I really hope you found this online lesson to be helpful and inspiring. Remember to make all of your jewelry with confidence because that is the key to creating beautiful pieces!

Follow along as I make this bangle on youtube!


Leave me a comment if you have any tips or tricks to add to our viewers experience!

As Always... Happy Beading,


  • EMI: February 16, 2017

    Thanks a lot Emily. So helpful.

  • Toni: September 05, 2016

    Thank you Emily for that tutorial, very easy and quick . Your work is very beautiful. I’ve been dying to make these types of bracelets. Thank you!

  • Sydney Bradford: June 13, 2016

    I would love the multi-strand charm bracelet, I haven’t made one like that yet. It would be a fun opportunity to explore a new style.

  • Katie M: May 29, 2016

    Hi! I a,pm so glad I’ve come across this! I’ve been looking for these crystals! What size did you use in the photos above, the larger crystal? I’m wanting to get some just not sure what size but I LOVE the big ones!

  • Brenda Ward: April 11, 2016

    I so appreciate following your tutorials….I am finding inconsistency’s in my approach? :( for some reason my wires get all crazy at times I am trying my best ….but it keeps happening? I am so thankful for your tutorials though the constant feed of wire is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you any advice on the inconsistency in my wire? I use the glass?

    Have a Super Day,

  • Angela Mullis: February 24, 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I love your designs and I can’t wait to make my own versions! Thanks again!

    Angi Mullis

  • will: February 24, 2016

    Nice bangle and design.
    Thanks for your share.

    We are jewelry manufacturer, we can supply this bangle for quantity.
    If you want to customized color and design, please feel free to contact with me.

  • Judy: February 24, 2016

    Oops typos! I would like to see a video of you making these ! I think it would be very helpful:) thanks again Judy:)

  • Judy: February 24, 2016

    Thanks so much for these direction. You are the only one I have been able to find with directions for these bracelets. Instructions are great. I will try these soon. Maybe a video of you makinf me would be helpful too! Thnk as a million:) Judy

  • Beverly Dewey: February 24, 2016

    I am interested in ordering some of the beads. I already have the wire left over from another project. Could you print a listing of the colors and the prices of each. I would like to get some of the beautiful blue and the pale yellow. I ordered from you recently and have always been very happy with the product. Thanks, Beverly

  • Emily Kaniasty: February 24, 2016

    Very important question thank you! I would get the 1/2 hard wire.

  • Debora Andress: February 24, 2016

    I went to Michaels tonite to buy 20g wire. They had 1/2 hard & dead soft options. What is the difference & will one work better than another.


    Debbie Andress

  • 5 Top Selling Items in Our Store: February 24, 2016

    […] These crystal beads are perfect for a wrist/bracelet creation or use as a toggle for a necklace. Their ultimate use is up too you. We paired several of these crystal beads together to make our own bracelet. […]

  • Carole scharwatt: February 24, 2016

    Luckily I found your wire bracelets! Ever since I saw some on another person, I have been just nuts in understanding how to put them together. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I can’t wait to get started. I sell my jewelry on Etsy under livingstonesjewelry and I’ve seen bracelets of this type there on Etsy. I know many of my friends would love them.

  • Jeni Grier: February 24, 2016

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • mallory: February 24, 2016

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this tutorial! It’s so easy to understand and I can’t wait to make my own!! I’ve been looking for a tutorial on these bracelets for ever.

  • Emily Kaniasty: February 24, 2016

    Be sure you are using they right type of wire. I recommend the Artistic Wire 20g in gold. The silver is very soft and its not my favorite. Try alining the wraps around the glass so they all line up in a parallel line. Try this: (Notes taken from the blog) Adding your first stone—-
    BOX 1. Right where you thumb meets the bangle take the 3 1/2 inch wire and bend it back to a flush 90 degree angle.

    BOX 2. Wrap the wire around the bangle until you have reached three prefect wraps. You want to be strong with your wraps and make sure they are nice and tight with no gaps.

    NEW TIP- Make your three wraps around the bangle; then place bangle back on glass. Pull the long strand and the short strand (that now has three wraps) tight. Take off glass and add stone, continue making bracelet like normal. By placing the bangle back on the glass after you make your first tree wraps you tighten and re-shape anything that came undone during your wrapping. By the time you add your first stone and make the three wraps on the other side of the stone the bangle strands are tight.

  • Donna: February 24, 2016

    Please help! After I wrap them on the glass I can not see to keep the wires even and smooth.

  • Ellen: February 24, 2016

    Where can I buy the beads?


  • Courtney: February 24, 2016

    Thank you so much for doing this tutorial!!! I’ve been looking everywhere online for months for a copper wire bangle tutorial and its been driving me nuts that I could find one! Just by looking at the bangles, I got an idea for how to make them but I couldn’t get them to look nice and clean (re: the shape and overall form)—I’m definitely going to try your way of assembling them and hopefully it comes a little easier for me bc I love these bangles and I know they’d be a big hit where I live. THANKS AGAIN!! :)))

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